game model / unity model allows VIEWERS TO see the residence indoors

The game model structure commences from preparing the indoor decorating plan, after which three-dimensional modelling of the site is realised. From this modelling, a game model or Unity model is finally generated that makes moving from one place to another easy in the virtual model of the new building site.

The game model can be used with various remote devices in all presentation and sale situations, such as at trade fairs or the builder’s own presentation centre – in the same way as in the “cave” in Huoneistostudio’s premises. By means of the Unix model, it is possible to show buyers or investors, for instance, how the unfinished new building site will look when it is completely ready – without the need to juggle papers or create imaginary pictures. The game model is, for this reason, an indispensable addition to sale processes, and it strongly supports making a buying decision.

The game model can additionally be used with, for example, a VR headset, but also with traditional 3D glasses. There’s no need to separately look after the technology, because we conveniently handle the remote equipment required for your use during each tour.

As source materials for modelling, all traditional formats work: BIM/IFC/DWG/PDF. 

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